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Why Give Esmya When Patients With Fibroids Can be Cured Permanently With Fibroid Embolisation?

Esmya is a medicine, which is supposed to be used only in the short term for control of fibroid symptoms.

Frankly, the substance in my opinion, and those of a number of colleagues of mine, Esmya has been over-hyped, particularly in its ability to reduce fibroid size because of course there is a major financial implication.

Fibroid Embolisation however kills fibroids whether it is one or any number, it kills them all at one hit and 95% of patients will be cured. Obviously, it depends, just like any surgical procedure, on the skill of the operator and unfortunately some Interventional Radiologists are performing Embolisation without the proper training and experience specifically in Fibroid Embolisation.

Esmya has been recently reported to have caused failure of the liver in some patients and it is now recommended that further courses of Esmya should not be given until, and unless, this problem has been sorted out.

The MHRA have stated (Medicine & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) that at this time no further courses of Esmya should be prescribed.


Esmya alert from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Esmya under close surveillance after death

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